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            Connecting an Android phone

            To achieve a successful phone connection, there are a few important steps that must be taken for this or any other tool. This is only required for the first time, then you can enjoy the functionality of all our products. An Android phone can be connected to a PC by USB cable, which transfers data faster or via Wi-Fi which is easier.

            How to connect phone via USB cable

            Don't connect phone to your PC prior to step 3!

            1. Enable USB Debugging , so your phone can be connected to a PC
            2. Enable Stay Awake option , so the phone doesn't disconnect
            3. Install Windows device driver for your phone, download here
            4. Now connect your phone to a PC running MOBILedit
            5. Confirm RSA Fingerprint on your phone's display
            6. Select MTP mode on the phone´s display
            Now enjoy our product!  You don't need to do anything else, MOBILedit will find your phone automatically.

            In case you have connected your phone to the PC prior to step 3 above, wrong driver might have been installed to it by Windows. That would cause MOBILedit not to recognize the phone.
            Here is a guide on how to remove the Windows incorrect driver by our Universal android one.

            If your phone doesn't connect

            • MOBILedit will require the installation of a small app called Connector into your phone. If it does not install automatically we recommend to reconnect the phone and restart MOBILedit or download the Connector app directly from Google Play . In case you have a Xiaomi phone, allow required settings prior to installation.
            • USB debugging not turning on? RSA key not showing on the screen? Try turning the USB debugging off and on again after you connected the phone.
            • Make sure that the phone is not set in Mass Storage mode.
            • If you use any other phone tool, such as HTC Manager, Eclipse, Android Studio, you need to stop ADB process in Task manager or uninstall the software, if it doesn't help.
            • In case you are using Windows 7 OS and your phone is not automatically connected, nor recognized, please follow the article of Manually changing the ADB driver .
            • Problems with connecting a Huawei phone? Go here to check how to avoid them.
            • Problems with connecting a Xiaomi phone? Go here to check how to avoid them.

            All Android phones are supported except some special and incompatible models. The easiest way to check if your phone is supported is to download MOBILedit and connect your phone.

            How to connect phone via Wi-Fi

            You can also connect your Android phone via Wi-Fi , it is easier, but the phone and PC need to be on the same network, please read instructions .

            Updated: 28 Jan 2019 01:07 PM
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