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            How to enable USB debugging

            How to enable USB debugging

            Android 4.2 or higher (including Android 5) the “Developer Options” menu item is hidden

            1.  Go to Settings -> About Phone.
            2.  Go to “Build Number” at the end of the Scroll list.
            3.  Tap on “Build Number” (Android version for some devices) repeatedly (7 times). On your third tap you should see message indicating that you only have 4 more taps to go to ‘become a developer’.
            4.  Continue: 4 more taps.
            5.  Hooray, you are now a ‘Developer’, go back to the Setting page.
            6.  You should see Developer Option menu item in your setting list now.
            7.  Open Developer Options and check USB debugging > Ok

            1. Go to Settings on your phone.

            2. Choose "General" in the Settings bookmarks.

            3. Go to About phone section.

            4. Go to Software info

            5. Tap 7 times on "Build number" and you should see following message

            6. Go back and scroll down to find the "Developer Options".

            7. Click on the "USB debugging" option and confirm message which appear on the screen

            Android 2.3             Settings > Applications > Development

            Android 4                 Settings > Developer options

            Updated: 23 Nov 2016 07:29 AM
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