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            Apple Wi-Fi connection

            Connector download

            Apple Connector can be downloaded from the AppStore

            Please note that the Apple Connector comes in two different versions - a Pro one and a normal one with each of them being suitable for different users. Please read more about the apps here.


            Now start the connector on your phone.

            • Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on and you are connected on the same network.
            • Run MOBILedit! and click on the Connect button. Select Phone – Wi-Fi Connection and then enter the IP address as displayed on the phone.
            • Allow the connection on your phone if the key corresponds with the key in Connection Wizard.
            The program will find your phone; click on the Finish button and the device will connect automatically.
            Great, you´ve just connected your phone using your Wi-Fi network.

            Features of the Wi-Fi connection

          • Send text messages from a PC through your phone. Send long texts by copy-pasting from documents or enter them comfortably using a PC keyboard
          • Copy Windows clipboard to your phone or from phone to Windows
          • New Message Archive allows you to import messages from different phones into one place, so you can read, search, filter or reply to them. This Pro functionality is available as an in-app purchase.
          • Edit, transfer, illustrate or print your contacts from the comfort of your computer
          • Copy your phonebook from any phone of any manufacturer or system to your new iPhone
          • Migrate wirelessly – download the app for all other phone systems
          • Exports and imports to or from Outlook, XLS, CSV and more
          • Smart phonebook optimizations, such as fixing duplicates, faulty contacts, unknown numbers, merging and internationalization

          • Updated: 09 Jan 2018 09:01 AM
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