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            How to connect phone to PC using MOBILedit iOS app

            The Pro version

            Due to the MOBILedit app serving as a phone connector for MOBILedit desktop app, by making the in-app purchase (or directly purchasing the Pro version), your phone should now be automatically working with the latest version of MOBILedit. No activation key is required in this case as MOBILedit will, with the Phone Copier app being paid for, consider your phone activated just by connecting it.

            The Pro version of the MOBILedit app can be purchased in the App Store here.

            The Lite version

            This also works the other way around. A bought license of MOBILedit desktop software will grant you a Pro version of the mobile application free of charge. Simply connect your phone with the installed MOBILedit app on it and it will automatically become a Pro version upon establishing a successful connection.

            You can download the latest version of MOBILedit from our website here. And you can download the MOBILedit app from the App Store here

            Please try to download the software and connect your phone via the Phone Copier app on it and check if everything is working, as it should be. Learn more about the app here.

            If you are still facing any problems please don't hesitate to contact us.
            Updated: 09 Jan 2018 09:00 AM
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