Empty phonebook

Empty phonebook

In case you use iOS device

It is known that Apple implements a lot of security features into their products. This causes the iOS to be limited in a sense of returning the phonebook data while the iPhone is connected via USB cable.

This limitation can be bypassed by using a Wi-Fi connection. While connecting the iPhone to MOBILedit via Wi-Fi you will be able to work with your phonebook without any limitations. For more information about the Wi-Fi connection see our user guide here.


This message occurs most likely when you use iCloud sync with your iPhone. In order to edit contacts in your iCloud account, turn off the iCloud synchronization in iPhone Settings and choose "keep in the phone". Contacts from iCloud will be copied into your iPhone's internal memory, so you will be able to edit them using MOBILedit!.

Then just turn the iCloud synchronization back on and the data will sync back into your iCloud account.

The same also applies for other services like exchange or Google contacts.

If you have contacts stored directly in the device and MOBILedit! can’t read them, contact our technical support at support@compelson.com .

Troubleshooting Empty Phonebook Tips

  • Your contacts are saved on a cloud account not on the phones hardware (Google contacts, Exchange, iCloud)
  • If there was some error during the phonebook reading, please click on Reread button
  • Make sure the device you are connecting is supported by MOBILedit! and you have installed latest drivers.
  • When the synchronization with any account is on, MOBILedit! is usually not able to read data from this account and will retrieve contacts stored in the phone memory only.
  • Correct communication mode for the device has to be selected - for example PC Suite, PC sync, and so on. Most devices don’t work in mass storage or media transfer mode.
  • No other activities should be running on the phone, some devices cannot handle PC Synchronization and running other apps at same time.
  • Your device should stay on the home screen, devices with a connector required should stay on the connector’s screen.
  • Make sure no other PC Suite is running on your computer.

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