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            Offline activation

            Does the computer that you plan to install our software have a connection to the internet? No, then follow the instructions below to fully activate the program offline.


            Download MOBILedit Forensic and place it on a USB flash drive. Then install the software on the offline computer. Input your activation key details into the activation dialog and click the generate button (Export request). This must be done on the offline computer.

            An activation file will be automatically generated, which must then be placed in the field below once back at the online computer. Submit the file and a new offline activation file will be ready to download. Place this new file on the USB flash drive and return to your offline computer to complete the offline activation. Select the Import button (Import Answer) in the activation dialog and your offline activation is complete.

            In case of any issues, an online submitting form is available here for the Activation file uploading.

            If you require further assistance with offline activation then don't be afraid to get in contact here! 
            Updated: 11 Dec 2017 07:57 AM
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