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            MOBILedit PRO - iOS app

            Cloud Upload/Download

            Serves for backups and phone to phone migrations. Upload your contacts for storing and download them to any other phone. We have developed a similar application for Android, Samsung Bada, Nokia Symbian and even any old phone. Available only in Pro version.


            PC Connector

            Run the MOBILedit PC application and manage your phone through Wi-Fi. Get large screen editing, contacts printing, optimizations, illustrations and much more. With a cable connection, you're able to manage messages, ringtones, media and perform tasks in a reliable and rapid manner. Download at www.mobiledit.com. Available in Pro version or with PC license.


            Local Backup/Restore

            Backup your contacts to internal phone memory and restore from it. You can also move contacts between different groups and accounts such as Google Contacts, Exchange, iCloud

            Updated: 09 Oct 2017 09:57 AM
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