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            MOBILedit Phone Copier for Android

            MOBILedit Phone Copier is a powerful application for transferring, importing and backing up contacts and messages. It is available for Android and iOS, and compatible with computers running Windows to allow for seamless migrations. When connected to popular MOBILedit for Windows it provides even more: advanced editing, complete phone data management, sending messages from PC, clipboard transfer between Windows and phone and many more.

            Cloud Upload - Download

            Perform backups and phone-to-phone migrations through your cloud account at Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or MOBILedit cloud. Simply upload your contacts and download them to any other phone. We have developed this application for Android, iPhone, Samsung Bada, Nokia Symbian and Windows allowing you to migrate data between any phones.

            Local Backup - Restore

            Backup your contacts and messages to phone storage and then restore them when needed. You can also copy contacts between different accounts such as Google Contacts, Exchange, iCloud and the local phone memory.

            Bluetooth Import

            Migrate all your contacts from your old phone to your new one using Bluetooth. An extremely wide range of phones are supported including even those that are very old. With some phones you can also read and transfer text messages over Bluetooth.

            Connect to PC

            Connect your phone to a PC via USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for complete management of all phone content and access to advanced editing options through our MOBILedit PC Suite. Download the software MOBILedit Lite for Windows from www.mobiledit.com

            Message Archive

            The archive allows you to store messages from multiple devices at one place. So when you download messages from Internet Storage or from local backup you can store these messages in the Messages Archive. The capacity of the Messages Archive is unlimited. The Messages Archive allows you also to search in messages.


            This application will deeply analyze your phonebook and bring it close to perfection. The built in intelligence will surprise you. Optimizer will remove your duplicates, locate similar contacts, add international prefixes and country codes when needed plus many more. One of the most powerful functions is Accounts Merge which serves for moving contacts between accounts. For example you can move all contacts from your Phone Memory to Google or from Google to Exchange to have them all in one place and synchronized. Users say this application is so essential that it should be included with every phone.

            Updated: 05 Nov 2016 10:49 AM
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