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            Excluding devices

            Sometimes it is necessary to exclude devices connected to a PC, for example if you run a kiosk and have other serial devices connected. Without this, Phone Copier will be trying to establish a communication with these devices and whole solution will not work properly.

            Exclude based on device ID

            We recommend to exclude the device based on VID and PID identification (Vendor ID, Product ID), you can easily get these identificators from Device manager in Windows:

            How to get VID & PID in Windows Device Manager

            Enter this line in settings.ini, section [Options]:


            Device with this VID&PID can connect to any COM port and will be always excluded.

            You can also enter more items:
            DisableVIDPID=04E86860, 15E86865

            Exclude based on COM port

            You can exlude device also by specifying its COM ports. Be aware, that device can be assigned a different COM port by the system.

            Enter this line in settings.ini, section [Options]:

            Updated: 21 Jul 2017 03:11 AM
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