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            Different SIM sizes

            With our SIM reader, only normal (standard sized) SIM cards are supplied.

            Also it is only possible to insert standard sized SIM cards into our reader.

            In order for this standard sized SIM to fit into phones with micro or nano SIM card slots, please use a SIM cutting machine on the supplied SIM card after the copying/cloning is done.

            It is also possible to copy data from or to a smaller SIM, because there are many frames/adapters for SIM cards out there, which can very easily "change" the size of a SIM card to the desired one.

            It is safe to use a smaller SIM card inside an adapter in our SIM reader.

            The picture above shows a default types of the described tools in this article.

            1. SIM card cutting machine
            2. nano to micro adapter
            3. nano to standard adapter
            4. micro to standard adapter
            5. SIM card chamber opener
            Updated: 07 Dec 2016 09:20 AM
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