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            Connecting Windows Phone

            Connecting Windows Phone

            Windows Phone has a very closed OS, which gives it better security and stability, but there is no tool available to fuly manage the phone content (you can manage files using a few tools but you can not manage your contacts, messages and others).

            We worked hard to offer maximum. Our software can read contacts from this phone using Bluetooth. MOBILedit can also write contacts into this phone. It is impossible to manage contacts online, but you can write contacts using Phone Copier Express or Data Transfer plugin in MOBILedit.

            What you need is a device driver for Windows and your specific phone, you can download it from manufacturer's website or here. We are using all possibilities to be able to communicate with Windows Phone devices, because of the system limitations. So you are able to:

            • Read contacts using Bluetooth
            • Write contacts using cable connection and our driver
            • Manage your media files 

            It is not recommended to have Zune software installed. This software will block your connection with our software. If you have installed Zune by accident and want to work with our software, please uninstall your Zune software. During the driver installation you will be prompted by your operating system to confirm acceptance of our driver.

            Read more details on how to connect Windows Phone:

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            Updated: 22 Nov 2016 10:20 PM
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