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            Case details


            To keep better track of your specific cases and extractions you can enter the Case Details, Phone Details and Investigator Details on the Case Details page. The Case Details and the Investigator Details you have entered will be saved for you when you open the program the next time.

            Show data sources

            When this setting is enabled (set as "Yes"), the result report will contain the information about the data source file. You can see the example of the added data source file in the pictures below.
            The PDF report:

            The HTML report:

            The XLSX report:

            Clutter filtering

            When enabled, then the final report does not contain duplicated data and clutter is reduced to a minimum. If set as no, all data records are displayed in the report.

            Title Page and Header information

            The details you enter will be clearly displayed in the final HTML/PDF report you have generated. On the Title Page, you will see the Case Label name, Case Evidence number and Case Notes will be displayed in the upper right section of the page. Below this information on the Title Page will be the Device details. On the bottom of the Title Page, you will find the Investigator Details such as investigator name, investigator logo, email, and phone number. Located in the header of each page of the PDF report you will find the Case Label, the Case evidence number and the Device label. 

            Updated: 22 Nov 2018 02:24 AM
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