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            Cannot connect iPhone

            If you are not able to connect your iPhone and you are using 64 bit Windows most likely it’s a problem with an update to the latest version of iTunes. 
            What will most likely solve the problem is to stop a Windows service called Apple Mobile Device (which comes with iTunes) and then re-plug the device.

            In using this method the communication is performed a different way, using a direct connection, which is also the way these programs communicate when iTunes is not installed.
            A similar solution would be to run MOBILedit on a computer without iTunes.

            The following steps should work on any version of Windows

            Windows 10 

            Simply jump into list of Services using ctrl+alt+delete and Task Manager).

            Windows 7 + 8.1

            Open Control Panel (either from start menu, or right clicking on “start icon” – windows 8.1, or from my computer)

            In Control Panel open Administrative Tools (this item is present in large and small icon view)

            If you have Control Panel in Category view click System and Security

            Then click Administrative Tools

            In Administrative Tools open Services

            In Services panel select Apple Mobile Device Service and click Stop button on toolbar


            This issue affects only applications running on 64bit Windows with iTunes version 12.1 or higher installed.

            If you are running 32 bit version of Windows, you should not be affected.

            Updated: 19 Nov 2016 07:17 PM
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