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            Backup options

            Backups in general

            Phone Copier Express allows you to save various backups as an output option. This means you can save your data in the packed backup format and restore it to a new phone, or even to the same phone later if and when it is needed.

            To save a backup, connect a phone first and select it as a source (Copy From). Then as a destination (Copy To) select the "Save backup file" option.

            The lower dropdown menu in the destination section will let you select the type of the backup.

            The "Change folder" button will let you change the directory path to which the backup will be saved in your computer. Upon clicking it, a Windows system window will appear letting you choose the desired path/destination for the backup file.

            You have two options in choosing the path. The left-side menu in the popped up window lets you click through folders and select the desired one - just as if you were going through your own PC's file system.

            Saving to personal cloud or server

            The second option is to click to the upper white line and write the path manually. This allows you to save a backup even to local servers and cloud storages, because Windows allows you to enter an IP address as a part of the path. Simply type two back slashes followed by the IP address (e.g.: \\x.y.z.1\), and then continue the path following the folder structure of the server or cloud storage. If your cloud or server has a name you can use it instead of the IP address - here is an example: "\\personalcloud\public\folder1\folder2".

            Saving to public cloud

            Public cloud services such as One Drive or Google Drive will create a special folder in your PC's file system, which will serve as a transfer folder to the cloud. Simply write the path to the folder to the popped up Windows window or locate it using the left-side menu. The usual path to these folders is shown in the screenshot below.

            Updated: 30 Aug 2018 04:29 AM
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