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            Android apps logging

            Please follow the below guide in order to turn on logging and create logs in our Contact Optimizer Android app.

            1. Open the Contact Optimizer app 
            2. Click on the menu button in upper left corner of your screen 
            3. Choose the "Logging" option

            4. Choose whether you want to only create logs from the app or from the contacts data as well
            5. Click on "Choose directory" and select where you want the logs to be saved in your device
            6. Reproduce the issue you've been facing
            7. Go to the folder you used to save the logs and send them to us (preferrably in a ZIP archive) 
            Created logs are an important part of every troubleshooting, they help us determine what exactly went wrong inside the app. 

            Updated: 16 Jan 2018 09:10 PM
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