Which product should I get?

Which product should I get?

MOBILedit is our PC suite for professional management of your phone.
The only difference between MOBILedit Basic (2 phones), Family (5 phones) and Professional (10 phones) is the number of phones you can manage within the program; each have full access to all features and read/write capabilities. Should you need to manage additional phones you can either upgrade to a higher license or add a single phone with a purchase in our online store.

We also offer MOBILedit Enterprise as a professional phone management solution for companies. This allows full capabilities on an unlimited number of phones and includes a commercial license.
Enterprise also offers additional features required by companies such as the wipe function which can clear all data from a phone without needing a pin number.
This is useful for when an employee leaves the company and you need to wipe his or her phone to pass on to the next employee.

Most of our law enforcement customers are interested in MOBILedit Forensic Express which is used by digital forensics investigators to analyze and retrieve all data from a suspect's phone no matter what make or model it is and produce special read-only reports admissible in the courtroom. We also provide a Complete Forensic Solution which includes the forensic software and our award-winning Connection Kit which supplies you with a wide range of necessary USB cables to connect the thousands of different phones you may come across, as well as a full SIM cloning package, SIM card reader and IRDA adapter.

I hope this answered your question sufficiently but if you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.

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