The Check for Updates UI has changed since the release of version 5.0. Upon clicking on the "Check for updates" button you will be shown the following screen informing you about any available updates of the software itself, or of some of the features (additional packages).

You can then simply click on the "Update" button next to the category you would like to have updated and the new package will be downloaded and installed for you.

Offline updates
Versions 5.0 and higher also offer the option of an offline update. You can update MOBILedit Forensic Express on a computer not connected to the network by downloading the update packages from our website elsewhere, and then transferring and importing them to the offline device.
Download of the newest packages is available here.

Simply click on the desired update package and the download will start automatically.
After the download is complete, transfer the downloaded packages to the offline computer and start MOBILedit Forensic Express there.
On the home screen click on "Check for updates" and then, on the following screen, on "Import package".

This will open a Windows File Manager to you, in which you need to only simply locate the update package on your computer and select it to be opened. The updating process will then be started automatically. MOBILedit Forensic Express might be restarted in the process.

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