Unresolved numbers

Unresolved numbers

The purpose of the unresolved numbers search is to find potentially valuable phone numbers that aren't saved in the contact list. The plugin displays phone numbers engaged in communication with the connected phone that are not yet saved.

The Unresolved numbers step is divided into several substeps. Each unresolved number is offered along with a list of interactions. The phone number is displayed in the upper part of the dialogue, followed by the list containing calls and timestamps and messages with text preview.

When you decide to save the current number, press the Create new contact button. An editation dialogue appears, offering you to fill in the contact name and other items.

The numbers found are being sorted according to number of occurences (descending) or possibly by date (newer first). All the unresolved numbers found are being displayed. The number of substeps (unresolved numbers found) is displayed in the lower right corner.

The Next button shifts you to the next unresolved number found. The Skip button skips all the following substep to the next step. The numbers saved before clicking skip remain.

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