Data - Screenshots of report settings

Data - Screenshots of report settings

Screenshots of report settings allow you to display the settings you chose for your extraction. They will be displayed in the report and simplify the troubleshooting. They can be also used as a reference for different report settings for other cases or extractions. 
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      In this section, you can choose various things as - Generic global settings, Investigator details and Logging  Global settings Here you can change the language of the UI and set if you want to show our product logo in your reports.  We currently ...
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      Following tab displays information about ongoing extraction: if you select the Data Extraction Log option in the Specific selection, you will get a brief resume of the extraction tab in your report as well:
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      A synoptic list showing all the gathered data as well as their amount:
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      Full FileSystem - if this option is selected then all files from the phone will be copied, and will be included within the list in the report. Please note that this might analysis may take a long time and can consume a considerable disk space, ...