Phonebook toolbar features

Phonebook toolbar features

Let's have a closer look at the Phonebook edit toolbar features:Phonebook toolbar

  • Optimize: Launches Phonebook Optimizer, which will help you to enhance and amend your contact list. More in the Phonebook Optimizer chapter.
  • New: Create a new contact (opens the New item dialogue)
  • Edit: Edit selected information (opens the Edit item dialogue)
  • Default Number: Set selected information as default (required by some phones only)
  • Delete: Delete selected contact


  • Send SMS: Send a text message to selected contact (Composing a new message with the recipient pre-filled)
  • Dial: Dial the selected item (phone number)
  • Email: Send an email to the selected contact (Composing a new message through default email client with the recipient pre-filled)
  • WWW: Open URL from contact's web adress (in the integrated web browser)


  • Swap: Swap the first name with the last name
  • Copy to: Copy the marked or the selected items to another device (opens a dialogue)
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