Phonebook Optimizer

Phonebook Optimizer

Phonebook Optimizer is a tool which helps you to amend and enhance the contact list in your phone.

Phonebook Optimizer can be accessed through the edit toolbar of the currently browsed phonebook or through the phone's main screen (root).
Phonebook Optimizer consists of several simple steps:

  • The initial screen including backup feature

  1. Corrupted contacts search
  2. Duplicates search
  3. Contacts merging
  4. Capitalization of contacts
  5. Phone numbers internationalization
  6. Review of the optimized phonebook
  7. Saving of the optimized result

These rules take effect throughout the Phonebook Optimizer in general:

  • Red fontcolor marks items that will be altered or deleted (if selected to) after clicking next.
  • Selected items (items, with ticked checkboxes) are subjected to a change according to function, which is specified in each screen of the dialogue. Items that are not selected (items with unticked checkboxes) won't be changed in any way.
  • The Skip button shifts you instantly to the next stage of optimization in order. No changes (either to checked or unchecked items) will be applied in the stage that has been skipped.
  • Editation dialogue can be brought up either by double-clicking a contact or by selecting a contact and clicking the Edit button, if available. If you decide to edit a contact manually, the automated suggestions will be accepted. 
  • Number of cases that are assumed that need a change is displayed in the lower right corner. In case of duplicate search and contact merging the number indicates the amount of substeps.
  • The Cancel button closes the dialogue with no further queries and annulates the changes made within Phonebook Optimizer.

The initial screen

Once you start Phonebook Optimizer, you will see the initial screen where you can check the IMEI number of your phone and make sure that it is the one you want to edit.

It is recommended to allow Phonebook Optimizer to make a backup of the phonebook. Even if you don't, Phonebook Optimizer will not modify the phonebook in the phone until you decide to write the changes on the final screen.

Contacts Optimizer phone app

You can also download Contacts Optimizer directly on your phone (in case you use Android or Apple device) and make the optimization there. To see more info click here

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