Offline devices

Offline devices

Once a device is disconnected, MOBILedit keeps its image until the next time it's connected.

Data is moved to the Offline Devices folder so that it can be accessed when your phone is not connected to MOBILedit.

This feature allows you to not lose your data (contacts, messages, etc.) in case your phone data were damaged or lost. The data can be restored even though a backup hasn't been created.

Offline Devices usually don't include all the data stored in the device. It includes only those which were read from the device the last time it was connected. The data are being overwritten every time the device is reconnected.

All the data under the Offline Devices root are read-only and cannot be edited.

If you want the data to be saved, we recommend to create a Backup. It is possible to create a backup of an offline device to prevent the data from being rewritten. Subsequently, you can use the backup to restore the data to the device.

This feature is not suitable for usage in public places. To prevent MOBILedit from creating offline images, uncheck the Do not store offline data checkbox in Options/Application. It ensures that user's personal data won't be inadvertently disclosed.

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