How to access SIM card without PIN

How to access SIM card without PIN

In order to get access to data stored in SIM, such as contacts or messages, you need to know PIN. If you don't have PIN, you can unlock the SIM with PUK.
The security mechanism of SIM doesn't allow to get data from it without autorizing to the card, so you need PIN or PUK.

However it is possible to clone the card with our SIM cloning tool, which will read accessible items such as ICCID and IMSI and write them into a special rewritable SIM card. Such a cloned card will not contain the data, but it will appear as a same card to the phone. Why is this useful?

According to the GSM specification, when the phone detects another SIM, it should delete its data. Current phones usually don't do this, but old feature phones such as Nokia 3310, were fulfilling this specification. It means they deleted SMS messages and sometimes also contacts from the phone. SIM cloning prevents that as the phone doesn't detect cloned card as different. This also allows the phone to operate, as older phones didn't continue in booting without SIM.

Let's say it in following steps:
  1. Remove the SIM and clone it with our SIM Cloning tool
  2. Insert new, cloned SIM, PIN is not required
  3. Connect the phone to MOBILedit and read data

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