Issues while connecting phone?

Issues while connecting phone?

If you are unable to connect your phone to MOBILedit, you should check these hints. These are often the key to connect your device:

Make sure your phone is supported
Check the list of supported phones. Make sure to only use connection types that are indicated as being supported.

Are you connecting a smartphone?
Smartphones like Android, iPhone or Symbian have a different interface's and most models require installation of a small application that allows communication with the device. Please continue to the appropriate article: How to connect smartphones.

Update the driver of your cable or Bluetooth stack
Most connection problems are caused by incorrect or missing drivers. Please make sure that your driver is both up to date and correctly installed. You can download it from the phone manufacturer's website. It is also possible to use MOBILedit cable driver pack, which can be downloaded here

Kill all other applications that may be using USB or Bluetooth ports.
Some PC suites run in the background of your system. We recommend using task manager to close running processes so that they do not interfere with the connection between your phone and MOBILedit.

Try another connection type
Some phones cannot be connected via cable (although being the preferred method), but connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is supported (and vice versa). Find your phone in the list of supported phones to determine if this is the case. 

Try to pair your phone using Windows Bluetooth Wizard (Bluetooth only)
After you have already established a Bluetooth connection in Windows and paired the devices, simply run MOBILedit and the phone will be found immediately. If you are unable to pair your phone with Windows, then you should contact your computer administrator for help.

Try MOBILedit with your phone on another computer
Some combinations of computer software installed on a PC may block communication between a phone and MOBILedit This step will determine if this is the case.

Contact our technical support
Contact us directly or use the form available in MOBILedit in the menu "Help / Tell us your feedback...". Our experts will help you to solve the problem.

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