IrDA connection

IrDA connection

Before beginning the IrDA connection process, please make sure:

  • the phone is switched on
  • you have an infrared receiver either connected to, or integrated in the computer; the infrared receiver is enabled
  • you have enabled the Infrared connection on the phone (Most of the up-to-date mobile devices no longer support infrared connection. In such case please consider another type of connection.)
  • you have placed the phone's infrared receiver facing the computers infrared receiver without any obstacles between them. The receivers have to be placed in appropriate distance.

When connected properly, you will be notified by the OS that there is an infrared device in reach.

If the IrDA connection has been established correctly, the port will be readily found by the Wizard. Select the port and click Finish to connect.

The connection speed of IrDA is very limited. If you have the choice, it is better to use BlueTooth or cable connection, which tend to be more stable in addition to being incomparably faster.

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