iCloud contacts, messages and organizer

iCloud contacts, messages and organizer

After connecting iPhone to the Phone Copier Express there is possibility that you will be given 0 items or different amount of Contacts, Messages and Organizer than you have on your phone.

This is caused by fact that there is iCloud synchronization turned on and lot of those items are stored on the iCloud alias in the iTunes backup of your phone.

In order to successfully copy all data even those stored on the iCloud there are two options how to do it.

  1. After choosing Contacts or Organizer you will be asked by Phone Copier if you would like to copy Contacts and Organizer items from the iCloud as well

    Below window will appear

    This operation will perform temporary iTunes backup from which we can read and tranfer all content even the one stored on iCloud.
    In order to successfully copy content from the iCloud you would have to know the iTunes backup password, without it there is no way how to obtain data stored on iCloud.

    Because of the Apple policy there is no possibility to copy messages directly via cable and that's why all Messages needs to be read from the iTunes backup.
    As a result of this you won't  be asked to choose between phone items and cloud items while copying messages and you will be asked for iTunes backup password as well.

  2. Other option is to turn off your iCloud synchronization on the iPhone and reconnect your device.
    This can be performed in the setting of your iPhone in the iCloud section.

    in there you can turn off the
    synchronization and you will be able to choose between Keeping the data on the iPhone and deleting. To copy those files click on "Keep on My iPhone".

    After turning off
    synchronization you would have to reconnect your iPhone to the Phone Copier.

    However it's recommended to use first solution, as the second one works only for Contacts and Organizer. For messages you would still need to know the iTunes backup password.

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