How to get communication logs

How to get communication logs

1. Start MOBILedit Forensic Express

2. On home screen click on "Settings"

3. Select a level of logging and set the max log size to 4096KB:

"Logging off" is for best performance, "Debug" is best if you will send logs to us with a bug or issue report.

4. Click on "Clear logs" button and confirm the selection by hitting "OK"

5. Perform exactly what caused the issue.

6. Go back to the "Settings" and open the logs folder by clicking on the "Logs" button:

(The needed files can also be found in a destination folder: C:\Users\...\Documents\MOBILedit Forensic Express\Logs)

7. Zip all the files or the whole logs folder and email it to us as an attachment here!

There are two different logs located in the report folder, in some situations you might be asked by the support to send those as well.

1. Go to the report folder 

2. Zip the files "log_full.txt" and "log_short.txt"

3. Send the zip file

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