How to purchase

How to purchase


You can purchase our software online and immediately receive an activation key via email - no waiting period required.
Purchase the program from our online store here:

Contact our sales team if you are interested in placing a higher quantity order and we will create a customized offer for you.

Also contact us if you would like to:

  • Include our products in a large tender
  • Become one of our resellers
  • Receive VIP service
  • Learn more about custom development options
  • Inquire about our discounts for law enforcement and educational institutions

For more information about the order process, please read shopper FAQ


To begin using MOBILedit Forensic Express you must download and install the program to your computer.

Download here:

If you require the installation of any drivers to ensure proper connection of phones you can download Driver Packs here:

Individual drivers for Android devices:


Upon a successful purchase, you will immediately receive an email with your activation key. Activate your program by clicking ‘Activation’ on the homepage of MOBILedit Forensic Express and copy & paste the license key into the key field. 

Enter your new license key in the required field in order to proceed.


The initial license purchase comes with 12 months of critical updates and upgrades which includes support of new phones, new versions of iOS, Android and others, new features and functions, drivers and overall continuous improvements to optimize the application.

The license will remain active and valid forever, but after 12 months you will no longer receive updates to newer versions of Forensic Express unless you purchase a ‘12 Month Update Pack’, which is highly recommended to continue with effective mobile device investigations.

Our Update Pack can be purchased here:

Upon purchasing the Update Pack a new license key will be immediately emailed to you and this needs to be entered in the Activation page inside MOBILedit Forensic Express. You will then have an additional 12 months of critical updates and upgrades. We offer discounts if you wish to purchase 3 or more Update Packs at once - Please contact our sales team.

Enter your new updated license key in the required field in order to proceed.

How to purchase a Single Phone License of MOBILedit Forensic Express

To begin using the MOBILedit Forensic Express you must download and install the program to your computer. Download here:

Launch the program and connect your phone via USB, then click on ‘Activation’. A window will pop-up showing 2 buttons: 'Activate' and ‘Purchase license’. Proceed with clicking on 'Purchase license'

From the ‘Instant online activation options’ page click ‘Activate phone’. This will open up the Checkout page, just enter your payment information and click ‘Next’ to complete the purchase. After the purchase is completed, return to the program where you will be able to activate the phone and proceed with extraction.

How to install the program to an offline computer

First, from a computer connected to the internet, download MOBILedit Forensic Express and transfer it to a USB flash-drive. Transfer the program from the flash-drive to the offline computer and install it. Input your activation key details in the Activation dialog and click the Offline Activation. Then enter your activation key and click the ‘Export Request’ button.

This creates an Activation file to be entered in the online computer via browser at
Submit the file and a new activation file will be generated available for you to download. Place this new Offline Activation file on the USB flash-drive and return to offline computer to complete offline activation.
Select ‘Import’ button (Import Answer) in Activation dialog and Offline Activation is complete.

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