Full content vs. Specific selection

Full content vs. Specific selection

There are two ways you can generate your report - Full content and Specific selection.

Full Content

If you choose Full content, all available data will be exported and listed in the report, albeit only once. Some sections, which repeat data in a different form, such as Timeline, will be omitted. All applications will be analyzed, which may take a significant amount of time. The entire report configuration will be skipped. When you generate a MOBILedit Backup XML with this option, it can fully substitute the physical phone as a source for future reports.  For detailed aggregation and more options use the specific selection export. 

Specific Selection

The Specific selection option allows for a much higher level of control over the contents of the report. With it, you can configure everything from which types of data to extract (contacts, messages, files, applications,...) and which applications to include, to the details, like what order to list the entries in, or how to display messages or photos. Additionally, it allows you to set up filters and recount all the data in chronological order in the timeline. All of these settings can be configured separately and customized for specific search criteria each section.

Upon clicking on the Next button you will be asked to select the categories you want to be exported from the phone as seen on the screenshots below. Moreover, additional filters can be set for each such category.

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