Data - Applications

Data - Applications


Application data – retrieves and processes data of applications. Results of the app analysis are shown in the reports, and the raw application data are also stored in the export folder, which makes additional processing and analysis possible.

All applications – will process all available application data from the phone.

Let me choose – if selected then when you press 'Next' to continue, it will show a list of all apps and you will be able to select only the ones that you want to process.

Deleted data – turns on a recovery of the deleted application data.

Download referenced files - download the referenced files from the chat message stored online.

App Downgrade – more detailed information is available here.

App downgrade feature:

Second, is to use MOBILedit Forensic Express´s feature called "App downgrade". This will cause the apps to resort to a previous version, where vulnerabilities are present allowing access to data that otherwise would be unattainable. Find more about the App downgrade feature here.

Example of applications report:

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