Corrupted contact search

Corrupted contact search

Corrupted contacts search feature searches for incorrectly entered or damaged contacts. Phonebook Optimizer helps to get rid of the items that have no purpose anymore.

Phonebook Optimizer will show all the corrupted contacts found and it will let you decide whether you want to fill the missing information in, or to delete the items. Only the red marked items, not whole contacts, will be removed after clicking next. Whole contact will be suggested to be removed only in case that it doesn't contain any valid information at all.

Contacts, that include almost certainly invalid items will be checked to be fixed (its checkbox will be automatically selected). Contacts that are merely suspected to be incorrect won't be selected automatically (its checkbox will be deselected - the decision to subject it to a change is up to users).

Corrupted items are for example: a contact name with a single character only, empty contact, contact containing phone numbers in wrong format, etc.

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