Copying messages to iOS

Copying messages to iOS

Because of the Apple policy, the newer versions of iOS doesn't allow users to write messages directly to the phone, therefore you will not be able to do it via MOBILedit.

However, we do offer an alternative of method and that is via the MOBILedit Phone Copier app, which you can get for both Android and iPhone from Google Play Store or Appstore.

Please note that you would need to make an in app upgrade to the PRO version in the application to be able to use Message Archive.

Once you are done with copying you would need to import messages to Archive in MOBILedit App.

1.) Click on Import in Local Storage section

2.) Select the phone from which you have copied messages and select Next on the bottom right corner

3.) Select messages

4.) New window will appear where you need to click on the import messages button, which will start importing the messages to an archive

5.) In message archive (two message bubbles icon) you can see all of your messages from (in this case) an Android device


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