Connecting a Symbian device

Connecting a Symbian device

The process of connecting modern Symbian 9 smartphones does not differ from connecting a regular phone and requires no extra steps. However, if you are connecting an older phone made before 2005, please keep reading.

Installing and Using MOBILedit Connector

  • Transfer the proper MeConnect-Xxxx.sis through the IrDA or Bluetooth (using OBEX Push) to mobile phone and install it. It is best to choose disk (memory card) for installation, if the phone has one (drive D or E).
  • You can also use MOBILedit to "push" the proper MeConnect-Xxxx.sis. This can be done using the button "Install Connector" under the phone view (Connector not running) of Connected subtree in the Devices tree. This feature is available through IrDA or BT using Microsoft, Widcomm and IVT stacks.



MOBILedit Connector installation .SIS files are placed by default in MOBILedit installation folder in Mobile Drivers\Symbian subfolder.

IMPORTANT: Please exit MOBILedit Connector before installing newer version!

  • MOBILedit Connector has really a simple and comprehendible user interface. When starting, it displays information about its version e.g. "Connector V2.0 starting...". After being started it displays a set of links on which it is listening for incoming connections, e.g. "Connector active on: IrDA, Bluetooth".
  • There are two controls at the main level - "Menu" and "Exit". Exit from the main screen results in showing the confirmation dialog to prevent an inadvertent exit. Menu has two options: "About" and "Exit". The About dialog shows copyright information along with the version. Exit from the menu has an immediate effect and does not require any confirmation.
  • During the activity period, MOBILedit Connector displays information about connect/disconnect operations. When someone connects to it, a line in the list like "IrDA connected" appears. On the other side it informs with something like "Bluetooth disconnected" when the connection is lost. Those messages are very useful for diagnostic purposes, e.g. to confirm the connection is really working.
  • When requested to exit, it displays a message like "Connector deactivated on: IrDA, Bluetooth", informing the user that it no longer is listening for incoming connections.

Well Known Issues
  • MOBILedit Connector is able to connect Symbian phones to MOBILedit via IrDA or Bluetooth only. Cable connectivity is not supported except for UIQ3 phones.
  • On phones having IrDA it is automatically turned on when MOBILedit Connector starts. Bluetooth must, however, be enabled explicitly to work properly.
Symbian Phones Using MOBILedit Connector:


  • Nokia 3650
  • Nokia 3660
  • Nokia 7650
  • Nokia N-Gage
  • Nokia N-Gage QD
  • Panasonic X700
  • Siemens SX1


  • Nokia 6600


  • Nokia 9300
  • Nokia 9500


  • Nokia 7710


  • Motorola A1000
  • Sony Ericsson P800
  • Sony Ericsson P900
  • Sony Ericsson P910i


  • Sony Ericsson M600i
  • Sony Ericsson P1i
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