The communication tab is dedicated to troubleshooting.

Communication Timeout- By increasing this setting you allow connected devices more time to respond. This setting may cause longer waiting periods when the device doesn't respond properly.

Log communication - Here you can activate communication logging. Consider this option when solving phone compatibility or communication issues with our technical support team.

Select the option and restart MOBILedit in order to start logging. Then repeat the steps that cause the malfunction to occur. When the troubleshooting is over, do not forget to turn this option off and restart MOBILedit! again to stop logging because it needlessly slows down the computer. The resulting troubleshooting file can be obtained through Help / Obtain data for feedback.

The troubleshooting files are being stored at this path by default:

  • C:\Users\[CURRENT USER]\Documents\MOBILedit


You can find more about logging in the How to make logs chapter.

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