Backup overview

Backup overview

Backup is a useful function to save your valuable data (like contacts, SMS messages, organizer, files, etc) from your mobile phone and SIM card. If you lose your phone, you still have your data safely stored in MOBILedit

This feature allows you to create a complete image of a connected phone or other device. These images are being stored in the "Backups" folder. Backups may be browsed.

  • Like Offline Devices, Backup data is read-only.

  • Unlike Offline Devices, Backups remain unchanged unless you decide to remove them. Backups are not being automatically rewritten. Every time you decide to create a backup, a new image is being created.

Backup data can be restored either to the source phone, or to another device.

It is wise to create backups as often as possible, ideally before every large edit. Data loss, however improbable, would be most annoying.

You can even make a backup of an offline device. Its image will be moved from the Offline Devices folder to the Backups folder. By doing so, you can preserve the data from being rewritten upon the next connection of the original device. You can use this image to restore the original device afterwards. Of course, only the data present in the offline image can be backed up, which means that not all of the phone content would be necessarily saved.

You don't have to own a licence to make backups. Backups may be made within the Lite version! You need to purchase a licence, however, to restore the data.

How to backup:

Making a backup is a very simple process. There are three basic ways of initiating a backup process of a device:

Phone view: Select a device and then just click on the Backup button in the phone view.

Device: Select the device in the Device Tree and then select the Backup item in the Device menu.


When creating ADB backup you can choose the location where it's gonna be stored. 
In case of MOBILedit backup the files will be saved at the location below:
C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Roaming\MOBILedit\
MOBILedit backup content is available only trough the MOBILedit software.

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