If you want to use MOBILedit Forensic Express without any limitations, with an unlimited number of phones, you must purchase a full license. After you purchase the license, launch the software and click on the Activate button and enter the key you have received. If you have been using an activated a demo license, deactivate the demo key and then activate the software with your new full license key.

Please note: The digital key version of MOBILedit Forensic Express is not compatible with the dongle. To use the dongle version, please contact our support team here.

Offline activation

The Offline activation is available for unlimited license only. For activation of the single phone license is necessary to have the internet connection.

Is the computer that you plan to install our software on not connected to the internet?

Create an offline activation file and place it on a USB flash drive. 

Download MOBILedit Forensics Express and place it on a USB flash drive. Then install the software on the offline computer. Input your activation key details into the activation dialog and click the generate button (Export request). This must be done on the offline computer.

An activation file will be automatically generated. This file must then be uploaded to the page, once back at the online computer. 


Submit the file, hit the "Generate activation" and a new offline activation file will be ready to download.

Place this new file on the USB flash drive and return to your offline computer to complete the offline activation. Select the Import button (Import Activation) in the activation dialog and your offline activation is complete.



Due to a MOBILedit Forensic Express only being able to be linked to one PC at a time. If you want to move to a new system you will need to de-activate it on the PC it is currently on. Otherwise, you will be unable to activate it on the new PC.

If you plan to reinstall your OS or move to another computer, then you should de-activate your license first in "Help" -> "License manager" -> "Deactivate license". Then you will be able to reactivate your license with the same key on another computer. If your computer crashes, then please contact us and our technical team will remove your previous installation manually from our database.

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